2021 10 26


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EIGA Councils



Doc 239/21 – Mechanical Integrity of Generator Systems in Acetylene Plants

(Harmonised publication) This publication has been developed to give guidance on mechanical integrity (MI) of acetylene generator systems.

A MI programme is intended to ensure that equipment does not fail in a way that causes or enhances a catastrophic release of highly hazardous chemicals.



SI-TS 13/21 - Managing Driver Fatigue

(revision of SI-TS 13/20) Fatigue can affect all people in their working environment to varying levels. Driving is a complex mental and physical task requiring sustained levels of concentration and skill to maintain maximum performance. No driver can afford to be fatigued nor can anyone else.

The purpose of this publication is to provide training topics and recommendations that can help to avoid situations that affect drivers in their daily lives and can make them fatigued. It gives guidance on what to consider when creating a fatigue management system.


SI-TS 14/21 - The Dangers of Stopping in Emergency Lanes

This Safety Information is focused on raising awareness of the risks of stopping in emergency lanes. While the focus is on heavy goods vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods travelling on motorways, the guidance given in this publication may also apply to other types of vehicles on other types of roads.