2021 06 04

Dear Members,

The pandemic has prevented us from hosting our EIGA Summer Session in Valencia. Therefore, no Safety Awards Dinner could be held either, where good safety performance and safety innovations are traditionally awarded. But do have a look at this Virtual Award Ceremony. In ten minutes you will have a full overview of all awards. Congratulations to all EIGA Award winners !

Looking forward to welcome you all at our next Summer Session, face-to-face in Valencia, in June 2022.

Philippe Cornille, Gen.Sec. EIGA

Safety Performance Review

The 2020 accident statistics and a Safety Performance Review are brought to you by the SAC Chair. Click here for the full details.


The traditional status report on the Working Group activities is structured per Council ;

Please find the IGC Chair report here.

Please find the MGC Chair report here.

Please find the REC Chair report here.

Please find the SAC Chair report here.