2022 06 28

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With our partners AIGA, CGA and JIMGA, we have developed a Hydrogen Safety Ecosystem web-application. See here (www.h2safety.info).

Our publications have supported safe hydrogen operations for decades.

Now, many new organisations are getting involved in hydrogen, with the best of intentions and brilliant ideas, but not necessarily backed up by the same safety expertise that our sector has.

We therefore decided to support a safer rollout by sharing our safety knowledge that is captured in dozens of hydrogen safety publications, and disclose that info via an easy to access web portal.

The "ecosystem" portal was launched at the Hydrogen 2022 conference in Amsterdam. You are invited to follow EIGA on LinkedIn, where you'll find out more.

EIGA Councils


Doc 139/22 - Safe Preparation of Compressed Oxidant-Fuel Gas Mixtures in Cylinders

(Harmonised Publication - Revision of Doc 229/20) This publication describes best practices to be used for the safe preparation of compressed gas mixtures containing both oxidising and flammable components. It includes key principles for the safe formulation of compressed oxidant-fuel gas mixture by trained and competent personnel as well as considerations for the design of gas mixing equipment.


TB 44/22 - Environmental Control and Monitoring for Medicinal Gas Cylinders

This Technical Bulletin provides the rationale for the storage and handling requirements for medicinal gas cylinders, specifically to justify the reasons why it is not necessary to control the temperature or humidity of the areas where medicinal gas cylinders are stored, or the design of vehicles used for distribution

TB 45/22 - General Safety and Performance Requirements of Medical Device Regulation applied to Carbon Dioxide

This Technical Bulletin provides guidance on the interpretation of the General Safety and Performance Requirements in annex I of the Medical Device Regulation, when applied to gaseous Carbon Dioxide as a medical device, i.e. for insufflation, and to provide recommendations on how to implement them.


EIGA's response on RFNBOs.

EIGA responded to the consultation on the Delegated Act setting out detailed rules for the production of "Renewable Fuels of Non- Biological Origins" or RFNBOs.

Members can consult our blog for details and for the latest updates.


SI 44/22 – Awareness Package - Events at Customer Premises

In the supply of industrial and medical gases to customers and their subsequent use and application, EIGA members regularly see critical incidents or near misses.

Lack of knowledge or risk awareness can result in wrong handling of equipment, inadequate application of the product or even misuse of equipment/products and can lead to severe incidents or potentially high-risk scenarios.

This Awareness Package is intended to alert customers to these situations and provide some discussion points to be considered.

STAT 6/21 - Work Injury Statistics - Annual Report 2021

This (members only) is the Lost Time Injuries (LTI) and Recordable Work Incidents (RWI) Annual Report for 2021. See Doc 904 for more context.