2020 06 03

Dear Members,

We would have had the EIGA Summer Session in Valencia last week, but it had to be cancelled. As a result, no Safety Awards Dinner was held either.

However, exceptional projects and safety achievements were realised in 2019, and it would be a shame not to recognise these brilliant ideas and outstanding performances. Please join me in congratulating the Award winners, as listed below.

Additionaly, you will find a detailed Council Chair Report under each of the Council sections, to replace the hardcopy EIGAzette that is traditionally handed out during the Summer Session.

The minutes of the (virtual) Annual General Meeting are available here (members only) for your information.

Best regards,

Philippe Cornille, Gen.Sec. EIGA

Peter Jackson Award

The Peter Jackson Award is given each year to the EIGA Member Company which has achieved the best improvements in safety through planned actions. It is based on safety performance over a period of five years.

The 2019 award goes to ... WESTFALEN GASSEN NEDERLAND BV

Safety Innovation Award

EIGA Safety Innovation Award recognises Best Health and Safety Practices.

The winner is Air Products, for

• Driver Safety Training to achieve zero accidents on the road and at site

• App for driver training

Improve safety of drivers and achieve a safety centered culture

Company Awards

The Company Award is based on the recordable work injury reports submitted to the EIGA Office.

For 2019 the winners in the respective categories are :


Cat 2 - AIR LIQUIDE OOO, Russia


Road safety awards

To further increase the attention to traffic safety, a Road Safety Award is given to companies obtaining the lowest preventable road vehicle accidents frequency rate.

  • for bulk vehicles, > 5 000 000 km : Linde AG (DE)

  • for bulk vehicles, < 5 000 000 km : Messer Hungarogáz Kft (HU)

  • for cylinder vehicles, > 2 000 000 km : BOC Gases (UK)

  • for cylinder vehicles, < 2 000 000 km : Linde Gas AS (NO)

Environmental Award

The EIGA Environmental Award recognises best environmental practice.

This year, EIGA received a record 28 nominations, with one clear winner: Linde Aktiengesellschaft for the "Driver Companion Team" - app. This app is for driver feedback, leading to average transport fuel reductions of 1 litre/100 km or 500 000 litres annually !

Working Group Award

EIGA has over 250 experts from Member Companies participating in 50 Work Groups. Each year, the Working Group or Ad-Hoc Group that best fulfils the criteria of customer satisfaction, achievement, work process, leadership, teamwork and participation is nominated for the Working Group Award.

WG-15 on “Medical Equipment” was nominated for the 2019 Working Group award because :

  • The WG quickly and effectively addressed the big challenge of the new and most demanding Regulation of Medical Devices

  • The WG has successfully raised the issue of potential higher classification of CO2 medical device application, as result of the new MDEV REG. Although this action has not yet resulted in a final conclusion that the current classification can remain as is, they nevertheless had the different experts of the EU Commission made aware of this borderline issue

  • The WG successfully avoid a large cost to the medical industry by assuring that the patient connector on the medical VIPR’s had not to change in accordance with a new ISO standard

  • The WG is actively involved in many details of several committees/working groups of the Medical ISO TC 121

Safety Performance Review

The 2019 accident statistics and a Safety Performance Review are brought to you by the SAC Chair. Click here for the full details.

Councils chair reports

Please find the full IGC Chair report here.

Please find the full MGC Chair report here.

Please find the full REC Chair report here.

Please find the full SAC Chair report here.