Safety Performance Review

Fatalities reported in 2020

During 2020 unfortunately 4 fatalities occurred to our colleagues in non-European countries while undertaking normal work activities.

SAC was also informed in 2020 of a further 7 fatalities involving third parties, all resulting from road traffic accidents.

Road transport continues to be the activity by which we in the gas industry and others interfacing with our equipment are most at risk of serious injury or fatality; effort is spent by all gas companies in telematics, cameras and coaching to help reduce such events.

EIGA Safety Performance Lost Time Injuries

Fig.1: Numbers of Lost Time Injuries and LTI-Frequency Rate)

In the last 4 quarters we can observe a decrease of incidents, leading to a low value of 1.7 incidents per million worked hours (employee). For the first time, LTI are recorded also for contractors (38 injuries in 2020, with an average of 2.3 injuries per million worked hours).

Fig.2: LTI-Frequency Rate per category members

The gap between Category C companies and the rest is confirmed in 2020.

EIGA Safety Performance Recordable Injuries (data from WIST)

Fig.3: Numbers of Recordable Injuries and RWI-Frequency Rate

Recordable injury is a better measure of overall safety performance than lost time. This is because in some countries the rules are applied differently in terms of what is defined as a lost time. The reduction in LTI can be observed in recordable injuries as well. For the first time, RWI are recorded also for contractors (63 injuries in 2020, with an average of 3.9 injuries per million worked hours).